Nebraska Warehouse uses 3Plink by the Camelot 3PL Software company as its warehouse management system (WMS) E-Technology.


E-Technology Features include:

  • Automatic E-mailing of customized reports and documents
  • Real time inventory (no batch posting)
  • Pick by FIFO, LIFO, code date, location, lot number, or any other logic
  • Inventory level and SKU level flexibility
  • Barcode capability
  • EDI via Flat file, CSV, XML or EDI standards
  • FTP
  • Secured 24/7 Access to your inventory via website

With all of the new and emerging technology our major breakthrough is the way we answer the phone when you call – A PERSON! Yes, we actually do utilize the uncommon and cutting edge practice of friendly, courteous people to answer the phones so you don't have to travel through cyberspace to talk to someone here.