Transportation Freight

Nebraska Warehouse Company operates Cannonball Express Transportation, LLC. We can handle any and all shipping and receiving of your products to and from any of our locations to any point throughout the country using our LTL & FTL Transportation Freight services.LTL & FTL Transportation Freight

Just like warehousing, in the end we have only one product to sell – service – and we aim to be the very best in providing our product.

Service Area

Cannonball can handle all LTL & FTL Transportation Freight shipments for the Omaha and Lincoln commercial zone. We can handle truckload traffic throughout the region.

Refrigerated Services


When it comes to over the road refrigerated truckload carriers, no other company in North America can boast the same outstanding reputation for premier service, responsiveness, and sustainability that we offer.

Whether your company needs intermodal, international, or expedited transportation services, we can service you with the most advanced systems in the industry to guarantee substantial coverage, capacity, and flexibility to suit your every business demand.

Cannonball also operates a fleet of refrigerated equipment which handles LTL & FTL Transportation Freight fresh and frozen product to all forty-eight states.

We utilize our fleet of over 50 drivers using the newest refrigerated equipment. We make weekly scheduled deliveries of time sensitive perishables throughout the country.


Specializing in the application and execution of the most innovative supply chain and logistics solutions, Nebraska Warehouse’s reputation continues to deliver its customers with the infinite resources and expertise to achieve immaculate success and profitability.


  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Enhance on-time delivery service
  • Reduce liability
  • Redirect capital back into your core business model


All computerized billing documentation and tracing is complete, prompt and accurate. Charges may be combined with warehouse billings for your convenience. Charges may be set on an hourly basis, per hundred weight, flat charges or flat rates.