3PL Benefits for E-Commerce Businesses

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3PL Benefits for E-Commerce Businesses

When it comes to buying and selling anything, you can pretty much get whatever you want online. However, one thing remains the same. The items that we purchase while online shopping have to be delivered. E-commerce has made the logistics for retail companies even more difficult than they were during the offline era. For this reason, more and more online retailers are turning to 3PL for their e-commerce transportation.

How a 3PL can Benefit an E-Commerce Business?

The number of retail companies and small businesses is continuously growing. The number of demands by customers is growing even faster. Customers who visit an online store now define good service to include shipping that is fast and smooth. This is a key step towards creating loyal customers who share positive reviews, a primary metric for customer satisfaction. This is where a third party logistics provider can help. A 3PL helps manage the logistics, inventory, warehousing, as well as load management. This means that you can either fully or partially outsource any of your transportation needs to a 3PL and then focus on marketing, as well as other areas of your business. Here are some ways a 3PL can help your e-commerce business with logistics services:

Supply Chain Management

A quality 3PL will analyze the supply chain and define any gaps. Then, they’ll provide you with solutions in order to increase your ecommerce store efficiency. In addition, unnecessary optional spending can be cut.

LTL and Consolidation

Most logistics companies will have a large carrier network. This allows them to offer many transportation modes. If you are a smaller company, a less than truckload shipping can help with your budget and your time. Consolidation programs are provided by many 3PL companies. This services lets you move your products in the most cost effective and most practical ways.


Consistent and smooth order fulfillment are what every e-commerce company needs. Many 3PL companies will manage your storage and inbound freight. In addition, they will take care of your order fulfillments using their expertise and technology. This is an important business to consumer b2c resource.

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