3PL Value-Added Services

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3PL Value-added services

Loneliness: A Company’s Biggest Enemy

One of the top reasons why logistics companies run themselves into the red or struggle to get themselves off the ground is loneliness – or put in business terms, having to work alone. Working on your own as a logistics company means that you undertake every step of the process, which can be hugely expensive, and will almost certainly limit your reach as a company.

Third-party logistics (also called 3PL) takes the pressure off by out-sourcing some of the burden, and a lot of the cost, to a sister company. It’s an agreement that can benefit both parties.

But what exactly are 3PL value-added services and what can they do for your business?

3PL Value-added services describes a range of different services a third-party logistics company might have to offer that benefits yours. Of course, there are several depending on the type of business you’re in – it can be a packaging company that handles packaging of products so you don’t have to, a refrigeration provider that handles time-sensitive products and a lot of the relevant costs.

Sometimes value added third-party logistics services can also include a freight partner, who takes on locations one company does not and expands the reach of both companies.

Why Do It?

Value-added services are usually there to take the pressure off both companies – and this is why they add value in the first place. When you have a trusted partner company who handles any part of the process, it gives you more time, room and often budget to expand your business from there.

Larger companies can benefit from third-party logistics by giving smaller companies a boost and getting services that their company, although larger, might need a third-party to offer:  Smaller companies can benefit by partnering up with a more successful company – and easily use this leverage to grow their own.

More Reasons for 3PL Value-Added Services

Third-party logistics provide far more than just an agreement between businesses: It’s an opportunity, and it’s an investment – just as much of an investment as a cash-injection. Many partner-companies work well together for years or even decades, and it creates a relationship benefiting both – and making sure that the entire logistics chain functions smoothly for faster, fresher product delivery.

If you’re currently struggling to make ends meet, third-party logistics can help you to cut costs without the need to cut quality or affect product or consumers.

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