3PLink Logistics Technology

3PLink Logistics Technology3PLink Logistics Technology

3PLink Logistics Technology is an integrated suite of applications built within Microsoft Dynamics NAV that give you the tools to plan, manage, and execute a world-class, 3PL transportation and/or public warehouse operation3PLink Logistics Technlogy integrates with leading Microsoft products and technologies to boost productivity, connectivity and business insight for small, medium and large-sized companies.

Nebraska Warehouse has been committed to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. We feel this partnership brings great value to our clients by providing rich functionality and an excellent user friendly experience. This is accomplished by leveraging the high amount of development dollars put into NAV each year along with the Camelot enhancements to satisfy the needs of 3PLs.

Nebraska Warehouse will follow the Statement of Direction for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV product in the future. As Microsoft adds new features and releases new versions of NAV, Nebraska Warehouse will make an upgrade available to allow the user to install the latest version within 18 months of the Microsoft version release.

3PLink Logistics Technology & Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technology

The Right Choice…
Dynamics NAV is the world's leading business solution from Microsoft. 3PLink Logistics Technology from Nebraska Warehouse, built within Dynamics NAV, supercharges NAV to be the cutting-edge logistics management solution specifically for third-party logistics (3PL) providers.

You get the newest, world-class technology for financial management and information visibility integrated with state-of-the-art, 3PL-specific features, tools and processes, including warehouse management and transportation. No other application comes close to the technology, the power, or the features bundled together with the mission-critical focus needed for third-party logistics providers and their customers.

The powerful combination of Microsoft technology, development and support along with Nebraska Warehouse's 3PL industry expertise, gives 3PLs and their customers:

  • Huge economies of scale for lowest cost,
  • Massive investment for new technologies,
  • Critical 3PL focus and expertise, and
  • Broad market for add-on technology, services and support

Advanced Technology

Accurate data in real time gives your clients the reliable, timely information they need to make strategic decisions quickly. When speed of information and accuracy are critical, you need cutting-edge tools to drive your strategic value to your customers.

Better real-time data gives them more control over their business and that makes them more competitive. Better real-time data gives you more control over your operations and that improves your efficiency, reduces your losses, lowers your costs, and makes you a better partner for your clients.

3PLink Logistics Technology offers all the latest tools to keep you on the cutting edge:

  • RF barcode scanning and RFID
  • EDI
  • Integrated interfaces for wireless mobile devices
  • Web access and real-time data visibility
  • Tools to automate customer communications
  • Real-time business intelligence and reporting
  • Document imaging and management


End-to-end integration to efficiently manage your

  • general ledger,
  • payables, receivables and collections,
  • analytical accounting,
  • fixed assets, and
  • cash flow and bank reconciliations.

Affordably priced for large to small business, 3PLink Logistics Technology harnesses the power of the world's most advanced financial management platform for technology-hungry 3PLs.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV accounting and finance solutions are the engine that help you track and analyze your business and financial information even across multiple currencies, languages, locations, or companies.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Dynamics NAV with 3PLink Logistics Technology is the only World-Class 3PL Logistics Management Solution priced for small business. Even with more advanced features, technology, and data reliability, it is still priced far lower than all other leading systems for 3rd-Party Logistics.

Your total cost of ownership (TCO) is lower because of these key value drivers:

  1. Microsoft's huge economies of scale mean that you get the latest technology at a fraction of the cost of other 3PL solution developers – the 3PL market by itself is just too small. 3PLink Logistics Technology leverages Microsoft's global scale and resources to deliver better technology, more advanced features, and a lower price.
  2. Rapid application development with Dynamics NAV automates programming and lowers the cost to build the tools and features needed for 3PL transportation and public warehousing. Nebraska Warehouse can develop new functionality and custom enhancements faster and more reliably – that saves money.
  3. Lower costs of maintenance and support with the Dynamics NAV automated support tools that speed the implementation of upgrades and enhancements. Microsoft is your assurance that your solution will be compatible and integrate efficiently with other technologies and products, including emerging operating systems, productivity tools, and advanced hardware.
  4. Rapid implementation and training saves you time and money. 3PLink's modular design clarifies and separates the implementation tasks to make the process more transparent. Powerful configuration options get the system set up for your business without custom programming. Training tools like self-paced video instruction and workbooks get your users up to speed quickly and reliably.
  5. Annual enhancements and upgrades from Microsoft and Nebraska Warehouse assure the strategic value of your system for the long term – you'll stay on the cutting edge and never have to switch platforms again. Only Microsoft can give you that assurance.
  6. Blazing fast data entry and rapid tools to find and analyze information, speed your users' productivity and lower your costs of operation – they get more done in less time with less stress and fewer errors. Screens are configured to each user's preference to reduce clutter and unused fields, hot-keys are consistent throughout to reduce dependence on slow, mouse-based operation, and the system anticipates and automates your users' repetitive data entry.

For more information regrading 3PLink Logistics Technology, 3PL Warehousing, Public Warehousing, E-Technology in Omaha or the surrounding area, please give Nebraska Warehouse a call.