Be Wary of Hidden Costs in 3PL Warehouse Charges

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Be Wary of Hidden Costs in 3PL Warehouse Charges

As you begin your search to find a partner to handle your warehouse and transportation needs, be wary of some 3PL provider’s hidden costs. When evaluating your needs, and who you want to partner with, make sure you are asking the right questions. Many 3PL providers have assessorial fees that are not always a part of the negotiated contract numbers. These are service related charges that 3PL providers charge to recoup lost time, extra labor and equipment being used for the customer’s business model. A few question you may want to ask your perspective provider:  

1. Ask to see a list of ALL assessorial charges.

2. Is there a WMS fee (Warehouse Management System)?

3. Is there an administration fee charged monthly?

4. Are there will-call fees?

These are just a few of the many fees that 3PL providers may charge their customers. Nebraska Warehouse Company tends to stay away from the nickel and dime charges and, when applicable, may charge some of the more traditional assessorial fees. Nebraska Warehouse will celebrate 57 years in business in 2015, and a main factor in our longevity is eliminating hidden charges and being as transparent as possible. We pride ourselves on our customer service and competitive pricing. Give us a call to discuss your warehousing needs today!