How Big Data & Analytics are transforming 3PL

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How Big Data & Analytics are transforming 3PL

Trying to make sense of a million and one sources of data and information, which are readily available across supply chains, is an ongoing challenge for 3PL businesses and providers. The use of Big Data and Analytics is intended to ease 3PL challenges and help provide solutions. Whether the person involved is in finance or sales, being able to use Big Data as leverage is becoming increasingly important.

How Big Data & Analytics are transforming 3PL

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the use of this data and how it is organized, all needs to be looked at within context. Without context, it’s just numbers on a screen. Where 3PL providers are concerned, context is everything as when the data is analyzed within said context, the impacts can be great upon all manner of operations.

3PL Impact

Few industries rely more heavily on these kinds of processes, efficiencies and timescales than 3PL business, meaning that even the slightest issue or derailment can have negative results, felt all the way down the supply chain.

These problematic obstacles can be partially overcome, by the important role that Big Data is starting to play. By giving all stakeholders within a supply chain the ability to spot and put right inadequacies and failings, Big Data is the perfect failsafe, the opportunity to ask the question ‘What then?’ before it becomes a reality.

Future Proofing

As a result of this future proofing, relationships are built, processes are streamlined and collaborative partnerships are able to ensure better outcomes for businesses. In terms of the home straight, the final delivery to the customer, Big Data and analytics make a similarly big impact too.


Technological developments and actual devices such as GPS, scanners and embedded sensors mean that tracking, accountability and reflective practice can all be enabled and utilized effectively. It’s about being cost effective, flexible to change and generally speaking, as effective as possible across the entire business model and supply chain.

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