5 Signs your business needs Office Space

5 Signs your business needs office space

5 Signs your business needs Office Space

When many small businesses start up they are run from a home office. Home offices are advantageous for start-ups because they are basically free office space, they produce great tax deductions and they are convenient. However, as a small business grows and evolves its operational needs can sometimes overwhelm the capabilities of a home office.

When this occurs the business owner needs to move the home office into more appropriate commercial space. If they fail to do so they can limit the growth potential and profit potential of their business.

Below are five signs that it may be time for you to move your home office to a commercial office space:

Sign #1 – Your Business Is Taking Over Your Living Space

One of the first signs that will tell you that it may be time to relocate your home office to commercial office space is that your business stuff is taking over your living space. You may have files in your living room, inventory stored in your garage and bedrooms and you may have invoices and other paperwork scattered in piles throughout your house. If you have to move business stuff to go to sleep, eat dinner or watch TV then it is time to look at commercial space.

Sign #2 – Customers Come to You

If you have customers that come to your office to do business you need to have a professional office space. Some home offices can offer this if they are set up in a room with its own door to the exterior or if they are set up in an outbuilding. However, if you are working out of a bedroom or the den, then your customers will be walking through your home to get to your office. This is not only unprofessional, but it is also hazardous to your family. If you have customers that come to you on a regular basis then it may be time to get a commercial office.

Sign #3 – You Have Employees

If your small business has expanded to a point where you have hired employees then you may need commercial office space. If your employees are crowded around your dinner table to work, or if they are scattered throughout your house then you need commercial office space. However, if you have a large home office that is set up separate from your living space then you may be able to get by, at least until your staff outgrows the space.

Sign #4 – Location,Location,Location

A convenient location for your customers to come to you as well as a representative location for your business might be critical for the further growth of your business. In this case commercial office space is important for the continued growth of your company.

Sign #5 – Your Business Equipment Won't Fit in Your Home Office

As your company expands you may need to add new office equipment and manufacturing equipment that just won't fit in your home office. For example, if you need to increase your production quota you may need a large piece of equipment to automate the manufacturing process. While small pieces of equipment may fit in your home office, larger equipment most likely will not. When your equipment outgrows your home office space then it is time to find commercial space.

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