How to Build Customer Service Focused 3PL?

Customer Service Focused 3PL

The year 2020 rapidly transformed the lives of people all across the globe. No matter what happens next, some changes are likely to be permanent. An estimated 60 percent of US businesses that were forced to shut their doors as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic won’t be reopening. As a result, unemployment has risen sharply. Amid this chaos, some people ride the wave of change and opportunity — and ecommerce is a prime example. Who, in this climate, wouldn’t want to be their own boss, working from the comfort and safety of their own home to grow their diverse small companies? If you answered yes, there is a good chance you might one day rely on customer service focused 3PL company in order to scale your business.

How to Build Customer Service Focused 3PL?

These brave entrepreneurs could, of course, do absolutely everything on their own. However, as their ventures become more successful, they’re going to want to outsource those bits of their business that are simultaneously difficult and tedious. That means they’re going to turn to third-party logistics for their warehousing, packing, and delivery needs. An array of 3PL companies will be eagerly waiting for their business.

Successful 3PL brands will know that they’ve got two layers of customer satisfaction — their own, but also their customers’ customers. Building a company that meets the needs of both is a recipe for an enduring market presence.

How to take your customer service to the next level

Growing to the stage at which a 3PL becomes a serious consideration is exciting for startups. However, it’s also an intimidating step fraught with anxious questions as they’re about to trust you with their inventory. In the beginning, prospective customers might not have a good overview of what you can and cannot do for them. They may just want you to take care of logistic headaches, so they can focus on what truly matters to them; their product, branding, and growth.

Customer service is quite the buzzword, but a truly customer-focused 3PL will go out of their way to not just take care of a company’s warehousing, packing, and distribution needs, but also to understand their customers’ businesses and business goals and to be a crucial part of their success.

Customer Service Focused 3PL

Taking good care of customers’ warehousing, packing, and distribution needs, a customer-focused 3PL blends into the background much of the time. It does its job quickly, correctly, and as cheaply as possible, liaising with all parts of the supply chain to make sure all the cogs run smoothly. Much of the time, a genuinely customer-focused 3PL almost goes unnoticed while meeting customer’s expectations,, because it’s so effective. Rather than notice what you do, your customers will be happy with what they no longer have to worry about — logistic challenges.

At the same time, though, your customers will want to be able to quickly and seamlessly check what’s going on at any time, getting an instant overview of the status of their inventory, all their current order statuses, and freight billing, and being notified about important changes immediately.

When a startup first turns to a 3PL, the key players will want to build a relationship with a trusted partner who can hold their hand when they’re starting out and offer new solutions as they expand into new markets.

Your customers will appreciate easily-accessible analytics that provides an overview of the wins and challenges in their growth, but also relaxed Monday-morning Zoom calls in which a friendly face tells them a problem has been taken care of.

Most of all, customers will value a 3PL who doesn’t just understand their hopes, dreams, and plans, but shares them as your businesses grow alongside each other. Tackle that, and you’ll have customers who stay with you for the long haul.

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