Is Social Commerce the Future of Retail?

Is Social Commerce the Future of Retail?

Retail certainly isn’t what it used to be. Any company or brand that wants a retail advantage needs some completely new tricks to survive in today’s retail climate – and social commerce is one of them. Social commerce is something we see almost every day, but there are still people who don’t know what the term is all about.

Is Social Commerce the Future of Retail?

Is social commerce the future of retail? Does your business use social commerce the way it should? Here’s your company’s quick guide to social commerce success.

What is Social Commerce?

Social commerce is a term that refers to any buying and selling that is either aided through social media or powered directly by social media.

We’re not just talking about purchases made through Facebook Marketplace or a company that sells its merchandise through direct messages. Social commerce involves the whole scope of social media and selling, which can include targeted social media ads for your intended audience.

Social commerce is the new word of mouth. Companies want people to talk about their products and services: these days this is something that you will mostly see happen on the internet, through social media.

Social media platforms are where you go to find out if most products and services are worth it, or if they’re going to turn on you as a consumer.

eCommerce and Social Commerce

eCommerce is its whole own industry, but it can’t exist without the benefit of social commerce platforms mixed into it.

There are very few things you could sell today without any mentions on social media. Not to mention, once people talk about something on social media, that has a direct impact on how well (or not) something is going to sell.

That’s the key to social commerce. But these days, that’s the key to any commerce at all.

If you want to sell, social networks have to be part of your promotional plan (or you might just give up in the early phases of your business plan!).

The New Word of Mouth

Social commerce is the new word of mouth. While face-to-face conversation might still sell a product, you don’t see too many people approach one another to talk about everything they’re going to buy in person.

The old way?

That’s how advertising was done in the fifties and sixties if you were selling vacuum cleaners.

The new way?

Advertise on social media, get people to talk on social channels, and have your own strong presence through the most commonly used social media sites (and some less common ones, if that fits with the market you want to grab).

Don’t Ignore Social Commerce

Social commerce is often ignored entirely by companies, but that’s because they haven’t been exposed to the power of a seamless online shopping experience.

Plug in, turn on, and sell.

That’s essential for any company in this century, no matter what business you’re in, or the products you are selling.

A Company’s Key to Social Commerce

While most companies are focused on simply being companies, others are focusing on creating a customer experience on social platforms.

Companies that are focusing on social media, and how to get their customers to buy products from social shops such as Instagram Shops and Facebook Shops will thrive in the coming years.

If you’d like to better your social media footprint, focus on increasing your product catalog exposure. Influencer marketing and social media platform shopping features are great places to get started.

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