How MHE Impacts Speed of Fulfillment?

MHE is Material Handling Equipment. This often refers to force amplifiers such as forklifts and other tools that allow businesses to handle more materials more quickly.

How MHE Impacts Speed of Fulfillment?

But precisely what impact does this have on fulfillment, and should you make the investment? Keep reading, and we’ll explore precisely why this is important for fulfillment and your supply chain.

The Power of Force Amplifiers

A force amplifier is anything that allows you to accomplish more work with the same amount of effort. To clarify, the force refers to the effort that you’re putting in, and this is then amplified in order to achieve a greater net result.

The classic example is a hammer. Using a hammer, you can strike a nail with the same force you would do with your fist. Only now, the amount of force that is received by the nail is MUCH greater. This then drastically increases the amount of nails you can hammer home in a day, without causing any more work on your part.

A forklift or a warehouse robot works the exact same way. With a forklift, a member of staff can transport double or even triple the number of palettes. As a result, they can load more onto a van in a much shorter space of time, which in turn means a more rapid turn around and better fulfillment services.


It’s not just a matter of volume though. Using MHE will also help to improve efficiency and remove errors and accidents. By using machinery, you can avoid dropping palettes, picking up the wrong ones, or generally seeing errors mount up in your warehouse. As anyone who has been in charge of logistics will know, it’s these errors that truly cause setbacks, and that can lead to multiple deliveries being late.

In today’s work of instant wish-fulfilment, too many people are now impatient to wait for their products and services. That’s why something simple that can prevent delayed by automating much of the fulfillment process factory-side can ultimately lead to better turnover and bigger profits!

Just keep in mind though, that any force amplifier will ALSO amplify mistakes. That is the peril of automation, as everything is blown up. This makes it more important than ever to ensure that the work being carried out with MHE is done so carefully, and under strict supervision. Regular checks are a must, and you should never forget the human element!

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