Distribution in the Midwest

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Distribution in the Midwest

Since we’re located in the heart of Omaha, I admit that we’re a little biased when we talk about distribution and logistics in the Midwest. There are several factors that make the Midwest particularly well suited for retail distribution – and why the industry is doing so well. Here’s a quick rundown.

Why Distribution in the Midwest is Smart Business?

The Logistics industry is healthy in the Midwest

Warehouses in the Midwest are some of the most productive in the nation. Particularly in Omaha, productivity levels have exceeded the US average and other regional areas in the Midwest. This means that product moves in and out of Midwest warehouses and into the hands of consumers faster and more efficiently than in other locations.

A friendly financial and tax climate

Regional taxes have been reduced over the last few years to make distribution in the Midwest easier on the distributers and more affordable for retailers.

Distribution in the Midwest has a national and global reach

It’s easier for businesses to ship and distribute products from a centralized location. Since the Midwest is right in the middle of the country, there’s easy railroad and highway access to every corner of the continental US. When you take a look at the data and statistics, the benefits of shipping from the Midwest often outweigh the drawbacks. 

Warehouse Operation

Our warehouse operation is backed by a world-class warehouse receipt and inventory control system E-Technology software. This empowers us and our customers with complete and accurate vision and control into the goods in our warehouse in real-time.

The value of our warehouse operation shines when our transportation network is combined with your warehouse storage needs. Because it is adjacent to our transportation headquarters, easy and efficient transportation options are always available.

At Nebraska Warehouse, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, and professional service.