Why Use A Refrigerated LTL Carrier?

refrigerated trucking refrigerated LTL Carrier

Refrigerated LTL Carrier, (also referred to as “reefer”) is a freight shipping method that specializes in the transportation of foods and products that require a temperature-controlled means of transport. While many shipping providers are not able to accommodate these shipments, those that can will be better able to service your requests if you are aware of the intricacies of this mode of transportation

What makes Refrigerated LTL Carrier different than other modes of transportation?

Refrigerated LTL is a little different than regular dry LTL, and other modes of transportation, because reefer LTL carriers do not operate within the same pickup time parameters.  An LTL carrier may be able to pick up just about every day, Monday through Friday. However, a refrigerated LTL carrier has set days that they pick up, depending on the region.

Why Use A Refrigerated LTL Carrier?

Oftentimes, companies can’t afford to wait to “fill up” an entire truckload—because their goods will perish in the meantime. An LTL carrier system allows you to send smaller batches of goods. It’s important to discuss any sensitive freight with your LTL before doing business. You want to make sure that your LTL has the experience, equipment, and knowledge to handle this sort of transportation service.

Benefits of Refrigerated Trucking

  • Fresh products will always remain in high demand. Refrigerated trucking allows trailers to safely haul and transport all across the country.
  • Refrigerated trucking can be used for many products in addition to foods that require temperature control. Plants, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products are some of the other commonly transported goods.
  • The protection of the products and materials is considered the greatest asset of refrigerated trucking. Due to the nature and sensitivity of the products being transported, the trailer itself is better equipped to protect against spoilage, damage, and varying weather conditions.

Best Rate

Working with a third-party logistics company (3PL), like Nebraska Warehouse, can help you get the best rate possible when shipping via refrigerated LTL. 3PL’s can secure the best pricing through contracts with reefer LTL carriers. Give us a call today and let’s us take care of you!