Shipping: What Makes a Good Box?

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Shipping: What Makes a Good Box?

Next to planes, trains, and automobiles, the cardboard box is one of the most important objects you’ll see in the entire shipping industry. Humans love boxes, cats especially love boxes, and a well-packed pallet needs boxes to be put together properly. Quality packaging can set a great shipping company apart from a bad one. Packaging can also impact many other factors of their business (including shipping costs). Comedian George Carlin famously mentioned that houses are just big boxes for your stuff with a roof. Was he wrong? With that being said, what makes for a good box?

Shipping: What Makes a Good Box?

Here’s what you should know about the benefits of boxes within the shipping industry – and why you always need to get the best boxes you can afford.

The Benefits of Boxes

Boxes for shipping items should be cost-effective, sustainable, and light. If you are using anything else to transport items, it’s an almost sure fact that you don’t match up to all three of the above criteria at once. Shipping box alternatives are usually expensive, impossible to recycle, or are almost as heavy as the cargo they contain.

Boxes can also be strong and sturdy. This is one factor that many people fail to realize. There are many types of cardboard boxes available in every thickness, strength, size, and shape to fit every need.

There’s one more reason why boxes are one of the best ways to transport items. Boxes don’t just contain things, they also serve the purpose of protecting the items inside. If you don’t want the goods to get damaged or lost in transit, boxes are – once again – the answer to your shipping problem.

Why Boxes Are Important

Not only are boxes vital in the shipping industry, boxes can be cool too! It turns out some humans even like boxes just as much as cats.

The popularity of unboxing videos isn’t just about the product, but about the box as well as the steps, sounds, and emotions associated with opening the packaging. Opening some boxes can be like Christmas or your birthday all over again. It’s even easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of someone else opening up a box. Even a large shipping company can’t deny the fun of opening a box and getting to the bubble wrap before exploring the product inside.

Boxes Are Fully Sustainable, Too

Cardboard boxes are one of the few fully sustainable packaging materials on the planet. When a shipping company uses a cardboard box, it has a positive impact on the environment by reducing the carbon footprint and ensuring that nothing unnecessary ends up in a landfill.

Boxes can be collected and used again as the first step to recycling. After this, the boxes can sometimes be turned into art or something practical. There are thousands of people and companies which recycle boxes into new things, from sculptures to furniture.

Furthermore, boxes can also be turned into pulp. From there, the box can become paper or boxes once more.

There’s your proof: there’s nothing better than a box fort!

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