A Successful Entrepreneur

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A successful entrepreneur who runs a small, medium and or large company, the pattern is much the same: Founders and inner groups utilize their own skills and delegate other tasks to third parties. With 3PLs handling the aspects of business that aren’t specific to any one seller, the sellers themselves can harness their strengths within the marketplace and also satisfy the following goals:

  • Avoid routing confusion. Deliveries don’t get stalled or misrouted for days or weeks on end when handled by 3PLs, which have routes and destinations mapped out for every order.
  • Provide package tracking. As packages are en route to destinations, some customers wish to check in on the progress of their shipments. A 3PL can provide up-to-date tracking for any package.
  • Ensure timely deliveries. With a 3PL handling everything from packaging to shipping, retailers don’t need to set aside time to handle orders. Therefore, packages ship and ultimately arrive at destinations with greater than average speeds — which in turn spurs more orders.

Partnerships between an entrepreneur and 3PLs are the perfect balancing act. The company stays focused on product production, while the 3PL ensures faster, more reliable deliveries that ultimately lead to further sales.

Partner With a 3PL Provider

If you are an entrepreneur running a company that sells products to customers in far-off locations, a 3PL could be a boon to your ground game. Even if you simply run a local storefront, customers from across town — especially those in traffic-congested big cities — would likely appreciate the option of getting prompt deliveries right to their doorsteps. Regardless of the locale from which your business operates, explore the potential of partnering with a 3PL that serves businesses in your market.