Top 5 Ways To Move More Freight In 2016

Top 5 Ways To Move More Freight In 2016

Top 5 Ways To Move More Freight In 2016

Freight brokers, 3PLs, freight forwarders and shippers are always looking for new ways to move more freight. Here are 5 ways to move more freight in 2016.

1/ Skip bulk posting services

Save your money and automate directly with load boards to get better results by avoiding calls on your covered loads. Bulk posting services are usually used as a last resort to move freight and will typically generate low income runs as the loads weren't covered by their regular carriers. Automate your load posting with the larger load boards and get top dollar for every load your move.

2/ Increase your load posting exposure

Showcase your available loads by advertising your load availability in real-time on your company website. Some load boards and bulk posting services offer this tool at monthly cost. 123Loadboard does not charge for this tool and has helped over 1,870 brokers in 2015. With you get:

  • Increased load exposure.
  • No coding or ongoing maintenance required.
  • Load postings are refreshed in real-time.

3/ Offer your carriers alternatives

In a perfect world, owner-operators would only haul loads from you and no one else. But as you know, carriers need to continuously move loads to earn a living. So on days that you don’t have any loads for them to haul, it would be nice to offer them options. One of these options is to have them download free load board apps. This way they can find loads for free and best part, they’ll thank you for it.

4/ Use a Transportation Management Software (TMS) to manage your load postings

Save time and money by managing all your freight with a Transportation Management Software (TMS). TMS platforms go far beyond just managing your freight.

They help with invoicing, payroll, and manage all aspects of your transportation process. Prices range depending on company and features included. 

Transportation Management Software - TMS

5/ Increase your cash flow by offering quick pay

With carriers to pay and a constant stream of expenses, it’s critical for freight brokers to have a healthy cash flow.

  • Recruit and retain the best carriers.
  • Reduce the risk associated with slow paying shippers.
  • Pay carriers on time and offer quick pay.