What Is Made in Nebraska?

What Is Made in Nebraska?

The state of Nebraska is famous for many things, including as the birthplace of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, as well as Malcolm X, and Marlon Brando. Nebraska (NE) is also famous for its production and industry, with many things grown and manufactured in this part of the United States. While Nebraska is known as the Cornhusker State due to its high volumes of corn production, it’s also known as the state where you can find an abundance of other industries. Textiles, ready-made foods, mineral products, and electronic equipment are also made here – which is why many products and companies boast with the “Made in Nebraska” seal of approval.

What Is Made in Nebraska?

Here’s more about the local industries in Nebraska, and the top productions in this state.

About Nebraska

Nebraska is the sixteenth largest state when measured by land area and is known as a part of the United States where farming is one of its most popular industries. This doesn’t mean the area is entirely reliant on its farmland, however, and there are a lot of other businesses and industries in the state, too.

It’s a state for invention, with many popular products having been invented here – including Kool-Aid.

Nebraska is also rated as one of the top destinations for property buyers, with many cities eager for development whether you’re looking for a forever home or a company site. Real estate in Nebraska is also more affordable than many other prime areas in the United States (e.g. New York), making it a hotbed for development and manufacturing.

Some of the most popular industries in Nebraska include textiles, foods, and the agricultural industry – although beverages, chemical products, and electronics are also on the list of things made in the state.

Farming in Nebraska

Farming is one of the largest industries in Nebraska. It’s not called the Cornhusker State for nothing, although corn isn’t the only crop that the state has put itself on the map for.

Wheat and beans are some of the most popular crops grown in Nebraska. Hemp has become an emerging crop in recent years, with companies like Sweetwater Hemp Company – though growing hemp in this state requires a special license from the NDA (Nebraska Department of Agriculture).

Agriculture in Nebraska employs approximately 10 percent of the total workforce, which proves that the large agricultural industry is only a small part of what the whole state has to offer.

Chemical Products

Chemical products are another large part of what gets manufactured in this state, with several large processing plants (and yes, also many smaller ones) throughout its cities. Some of the outskirts and industrial areas have processing plants that produce some of the country’s fertilizer and ethanol, while other chemicals (like hydrogen) are also processed.

Monolith Inc., one of the first companies to split natural gases into their components (hydrogen and carbon), is also located in Lincoln, NE.

Food and Beverages

Duncan Hines Cake Mixes are famous across the United States, but few people know that this product first appeared right in Nebraska thanks to Nebraska Consolidated Mills. Since 1951, it’s become one of the most widely used ready-mix products.

Nebraska is also a hub for food processing, with companies like Grain Place Foods and Westin Foods all located in the state.

Additional Information: Manufacturing in Nebraska – University of Nebraska-Lincoln Manufacturing Extension Partnership

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