Working With Technology Enabled 3PL

Technology Enabled 3PL

Experienced logistics partners can help you stay ahead of the advancements in technology. A Technology Enabled 3PL – Third Party Logistics provides visibility and the ability to capture and analyze data, which has become an extremely important part of the supply chain. Here’s what you need to know about working with a technology Enabled 3PL partner.

What is a technology enabled 3PL?

A tech-enabled 3PL is a technology company that has developed streamlined shipping and fulfillment solutions for E-commerce businesses. In addition to fulfillment services, such as:

  • warehousing
  • digital picking lists
  • packing
  • shipping

They provide software that integrates data from multiple sources to give complete visibility into the lifecycle of an order. The 3PL’s software powers their network of warehouses and sends critical information back to the merchant. This overlap of technology and logistics provides an end-to-end supply chain fulfillment solution.

Why should you use a technology enabled third-party logistics provider?

Learn the top benefits realized by E-commerce businesses when they outsource fulfillment to a tech-first 3PL.

Better Inventory Management

A solid Order Management System (OMS) is a key element in achieving better inventory management. An OMS enables multiple shipping points, inventory localization, and ship-from-store options. It also provides inventory views across all fulfillment locations and online channels. Inventory allocation by sales channel is also available, and you can orchestrate orders and drop shipping easier. An OMS also helps to provide a repository for all order information, so that you can stay on track.

Improved Return Processes

Returns are inevitable with e-commerce because customers often purchase items that don’t fit right or don’t work as well as they thought. If you have a smooth, hassle-free return process in place that implements technology, you can easily process customer returns. E-commerce technology can also help you link systems so that when an item has been returned and rescanned, the levels of inventory are updated immediately to reflect that returned unit.

Save Money

If you were struggling with large service bills for successfully scaling your organization, or trying to serve your customers, you should consider working with a technologically capable 3PL company. Truly adaptable technology allows users, like yourself, to have more control over your investment, your IT infrastructure, and your costs.

Improve customer service and meet expectations

By incorporating technology into the E-commerce fulfillment process, you gain a complete view of the order – from the moment it’s placed online to the moment it is delivered to your customer’s doorstep.

A technology enabled 3PL also helps you provide Prime-like service that is expected by customers today. Without technology, same-day or two-day delivery is impossible. To offer the quick turnaround that your customers want, you need to optimize where you store and ship out inventory.

Your 3PL can help you distribute inventory to the warehouses closest to where your customers reside. Then, each time an order is placed, algorithms in the software automatically select the warehouse and carrier that can ship the order to your customer in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Value of Working with a Partner

A big reason why companies outsource is for cost reduction and managing risk. A large part of enterprise quality management is risk management. 3PLs look at how every aspect of the operation impacts each other. Every function, whether shipping, receiving, inventory management, or even support functions like HR and safety, can impact quality.

With this comprehensive view, leaders within a 3PL are able to create procedures and identify actions for mitigating risk. 3PLs have a greater level of visibility to address problems and see trends within a company’s supply chain. With this system, reports relating to quality can easily be generated and shared with executive leadership to quickly address negative trends and improve customer experience.

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