How Has Technology Changed Business Logistics?

How Has Technology Changed Business Logistics?

Technology has changed so many aspects of our lives, and it’s changed the way that business owners do business. Technology has a massive impact on the way companies connect with consumers, and it’s made logistics more important than ever before. Thanks to digital technology, today’s consumers have grown accustomed to being able to access what they want or need at any time of the day or night.

With just a few clicks of a mouse or taps of a screen, shoppers can browse, comparison-shop, and purchase everything from clothing and accessories to houseware and groceries. Thanks to sites like Amazon, consumers have also become accustomed to speedy delivery. Modern technology has enhanced supply chain productivity, too, as it’s cutting costs and minimizing errors. Let’s explore more ways technology is changing business logistics.

How Has Technology Changed Business Logistics?

National and international transport, supply chain management, tracking; technological advancements have been incredibly beneficial for all aspects of logistics – and for business owners and customers. Here’s a look at some of most notable ways modern technology has changed the logistics industry.

Improved Location Accuracy

Gone are the days when plotting out directions on a map was the norm for getting from point A to point B. Even looking up and printing out directions has become a thing of the past (we’re talking about you, Mapquest!).

Nowadays, when people want to find their way around, they simply plug an address into their trusty GPS, and voila – instant access to step-by-step directions. Whether built directly into vehicles or via smartphone, the enhanced accuracy and accessibility of GPS have been a big boon for the logistics industry, as it has enhanced the speed and accuracy of deliveries, and has increased customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Shipment Tracking

Once upon a time, other than an estimated delivery date, customers were pretty much unaware of what was going on with shipments. If they wanted to find out details about their packages, they had to put in quite a bit of effort to do so, which was often a time-consuming, frustrating process. No more!

Thanks to internet and software improvements, customers can keep tabs on their shipments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers simply log into a provider’s shipment and tracking system, and they can instantly see where exactly where their orders are located and when they should be received, down to the hour and even the minute, in some cases.

The technological advances that have enhanced shipment tracking have not only improved the overall user experience but have also translated to tremendous savings of both time and money on the business side of things.

IoT and RFID

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) have also had a tremendous impact on the logistics industry. Today, a lot of devices are equipped with built-in sensors and WiFi capabilities. This has created incredible opportunities for supply chains; cutting expenses and reducing delays, in particular.

Built-in sensors connect freight carriers to alarm systems or dispatchers for monitoring and tracking purposes. Important data is processed and transmitted to crews via these sensors, allowing them to gain insights into important details and potential risks.

RFID technologies have effectively improved inventory tracking. Sensors or tags attached to goods transmit radio waves, and companies collect the data, allowing them to stay updated about pertinent details.

Technology is Changing the Future of the Logistics Industry

Technology has had a major impact on the logistics industry, and benefits companies and consumers alike. As technology continues to advance, it’s exciting to think about what other benefits logistics and the business world will gain in the future.

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