Transport Management Systems Small Businesses

Transport Management Systems (also called TMS) is something that a lot of smaller businesses haven’t yet thought of implementing. Most larger logistics companies already have some form of Transport Management System in place to make things run faster and easier. … Read More

Holiday Logistics & 3PL Warehousing

Managing the volume of shoppers this time of year can be especially difficult. Businesses who fail to adapt can seriously jeopardize profits. By outsourcing to a 3PL provider, you can be sure you are equipped with the knowledge and expertise … Read More

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Benefits

What is Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)? A Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) is a zone authorized as exempt from many regular US Customs rules and regulations. There are many Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Benefits that importers can take advantage of to improve: … Read More

Amazon Shipping Service & 3PL

The news of the biggest e-commerce site – Amazon – developing and launching its very own shipping service in order to compete with 3PLs like UPS and FedEx has rocked the shipping industry. Though Amazon hasn’t confirmed this news, many … Read More

Differences Between Warehouse vs Distribution Center

While the difference between a warehouse vs distribution center may not be apparent to some; they have very different meanings and duties in the logistics industry. To be able to distinguish warehouses vs distribution centers, you must first understand what each is. … Read More

2018 Logistics Trends

2017 was a big year for logistics. From Amazon’s moves and successes to the continued growth of the internet of things (IoT), change has been the name of the game. We are officially into 2018, the year of opportunity and … Read More

What Is Drayage and Why It Is Needed?

Drayage: What is it and why is it needed? It is most commonly known as the act of pulling containers out of a rail yard or ocean port and either loading them or unloading them before returning the container to … Read More

7 Traits to Look for in a Fulfillment Center

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Drones: A New Era in Logistics

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