What States Move the Most Freight?

What States Move the Most Freight?

Freight and shipping are some of the largest, busiest industries in the world – and certainly one of the biggest industries in the United States. If you were to look at the industry under a magnifying glass, the sheer volume of how much goes where would be one of the statistics that would jump off the page. Which states move the most freight, out of all US states combined? Keep reading to learn more!

What States Move the Most Freight?

What’s It Matter For, Anyway?

The size of the freight industry matters for anyone who values market research: that is almost anyone in business, especially in the transportation and logistics industry.

The top states that move the most freight are an indication of where goods are flowing to (and from).

From a strategic perspective, even if you operate from a state that moves less freight volume than others, there’s a lot that you can learn from the top states.

Texas: The Number One Freight State

The number one state for freight movement through its borders is the state of Texas.

The Lone Star state is the top state for outbound freight and inbound freight. It is no wonder why Texas functions as one of the most important gateways for the freight industry.

The size of Texas has a lot to do with the scale of the freight industry in the state. Texas is one of the physically largest states in the US by area, which means that more business happens there.

Texas is also known for its production. From technology to natural produce, much of what you see throughout the United States is made (or sometimes grown or assembled) in Texas.

The total value of the freight industry moving through Texas every year is estimated to be more than $26 billion.

If consumer goods don’t come from Texas in the first place, then some of the components or the product itself is likely to have moved through Texas at least once in the manufacturing process.

While it’s certainly not true for every product, it’s true for a significant chunk of things you see on the market.

Unpacking the Texas Freight Industry

The Texas freight industry isn’t just one moving machine. Instead, the freight industry is made up of many smaller parts. All of these parts move together to create the freight industry within the Lone Star state.

Texas is home to some of the largest companies in the United States. The amount of manufacturing and distribution headquarters also helps to explain the scope of the Texas freight industry.

If you want to learn anything about how to run a freight business, it’s a good idea to look at what companies are doing in Texas.

Michigan: The #2 Freight State

Statistics show that the state of Michigan moves the second most freight in the U.S.

Whatever goods don’t move through Texas are almost guaranteed to flow through Michigan. Many goods from produce to electronic components are made or shipped in this great state.

The combined value of the freight industry in Michigan isn’t that far behind that of Texas. Any professional who wants to know what techniques can make their freight business work better should look to freight companies in Michigan for industry tips and tricks.

Additional Information: Shipments by State – U.S. Department of Transportation

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